I help web designers learn, grow & work better. Well, that's the goal at least.

Hi, I'm Mackenzie Child. I'm a web designer, illustrator and kind of also a YouTuber. By day, I do the illustrations & product design over at Coach (an all in one platform to sell & market online courses & digital products), and by night I create products & courses for designers on a project called Chico (an illustrated  roadmap for becoming a web designer... Coming soon!).

Here are some products / projects I have launched, am currently working on, or will be starting soon(ish).

June 2017  ·  Product $

Level up your wireframing with the Blocks wireframing kit for Sketch. The goal of this kit was to allow designers to create beautiful & professional wireframes in minutes by using already laid out blocks that represent common layouts.

December 2016  ·  Job

Coach is an incredible all in one platform to market & sell online courses and digital products and I use it to sell all of my products & courses. I do all things design over at Coach; branding, illustrations, product design, etc.

September 2016  ·  Product
Acme Logos

Acme Logos are professional placeholder logos for your projects. While practicing my design skills I would make up companies to design for. One thing was always missing though; a logo. So I made a pack of professional looking logos that I could use on all my practice projects.

September 2016  ·  Course $$$

My first online course. It contains over 70+ videos teaching everything a developer (or beginner designer) needs to know for designing for the web (for example: How to choose colors, how to choose typography, how to layout your content, etc). It's a combination of both theory and practice as you go through and design a real project called Awesome Lawn Co.

Starting Soon  ·  Website
Starting Soon

Meet Chico. An illustrated roadmap for becoming a web designer. My goal with this project is to teach everything you need to know to become a web designer, in a fun & easy way.

Starting Soon ·  Website

This will be the first online course for Chico. It'll teach all the super important foundational elements & principles of design.

Starting Soon ·  Product $

The Blocks Mini Userflow Kit will take all the awesomeness of the Blocks Wireframing Kit and apply it in a smaller format specifically to create userflow wireframes so that designers can visualize the flow of their websites.

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